CWB W47.1 and W47.2 certified


Industrial Steel Fabricator

Steel Fabrication is a broad term used for so many projects. Seaborn is primarily an industrial steel fabricator. Seaborn’s specialities are frames, weldments machined or unmachined, enclosures and general sheet metal. We do preparation work for structural steel but are not structural fabricators.

Seaborn has made weldments ranging in size from those that fit in the palm of your hand to frames and transporters larger than a truck. Steel provides a strong, economical medium for producing many industrial and medical products.

Sheet metal fabrication covers many steel products such as brackets, enclosures, gauge mounts, instrument panels and much more. Sheet metal is extremely versatile in regards to what can be accomplished with it. It provides endless design opportunities at very attractive costs.

In general, sheet metal provides the most economical balance of strength and cost. Steel sheets come in a range of thickness, from gauge steel to plate. Seaborn most often works with gauge metals and, in fact, stock overs 70,000 pounds of sheet steel in its 20,000 square foot facility. If you’re looking for steel fabricated properly, take a look at us. 

Aluminum Machined Brackets, Seaborn Manufacturing, Waterloo Ontario Canada
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CNC Punch Parts

The Computer numerically controlled (CNC) Punch is still the best way to provide low volume high precision parts from gauge thickness steel. The CNC Punch still has higher production speeds than a laser and is capable of producing 3 dimensional features. These features include extrusions, tabs, raised mounts, hinges, bead lines and true knock outs. We highly recommend that you consider using a CNC punch for your next project.

CNC punches can reduce sheet metal scrap more than other processing methods. They can provide crisp snap lines for easy use. A CNC Punch can combine cut rates of better than 400 inches with 120 pieces per minute, with extremely low operating costs. They offer an affordable alternative. CNC punches are not just fast, they are also highly accurate, creating parts with only plus or minus 0.05 of an inch off of your drawing. If you want your CNC parts done right the first time, trust our skilled CNC programmer to get the job done.

The whole CNC process is highly automated thanks to computer aided design (CAD). Our system takes an electronic file containing all the design specs for your project, and brings it to life in steel. CAD has been adopted by a variety of sectors. It is commonly used in automotive work, shipbuilding, the aerospace industry, and even prosthetics. It is amazing to watch this high speed machine create high quality metal parts out of sheets of metal.

Our CNC punches have made parts for a variety of industries. We have used our CNC punch for everything from technology to health care. We are confident that we can make your part both quickly and efficiently. If you want accuracy, efficiency, and low operating costs then talk to us about our CNC punch. See what we can do to make your project run better.

Custom Steel and Aluminum Frame Fabrication

Aluminum frames fabricated for your requirements are as easy as calling Seaborn Manufacturing. We make custom frames for heavy equipment, storage solutions, robotics and transportation. Whatever the requirements for your frame, we can bring your vision to life. Whether you need 1 or 100 frames, Seaborn will ensure that your frames are made to your exact specifications, from start to finish, and we’ll make sure they’re completed on time.

We will fabricate, machine, and weld all the components your frame requires. Should you need powder coat, Seaborn offers that in-house as well. Seaborn’s frames are used all over the world on a daily basis, thanks to our customers’ diverse and broad range of services.

Seaborn’s aluminum frames are used regularly in communication arrays, health care, robotics, transportation, and resource industries.

Seaborn can handle all the sheet metal, machining, tube forming, powder coat, and welding that your frames require. Contact us now to save time on your next frame project. Seaborn welcomes the opportunity to grow your business with ours. 

Seaborn Custom Harley Frame - Steel Frame Fabrication

Custom Steel Frames

Custom steel frames made into a reality from your plans by Seaborn Manufacturing. Equipment, furniture, material handling, storage solutions, and transportation are just a few of many uses our custom frames see. No matter the specifications for your frame we have the tools and expertise to make it happen. Seaborn will meet your exact specifications throughout the process and make sure it is all done in an efficient, timely manner.

Seaborn can handle the fabrication, machining, and welded components that your custom steel frame requires. Want it powder coated? We have that covered in house. We are proud to say our frames are used globally everyday thanks to our dynamic group of customers.

We would love to handle all the sheet metal, machining, powder coat and welding that your frame needs. Contact us today to get started on your next frame project. Just in case you need one more reason to choose Seaborn you can trust our dedication to quality!

CWB W47.1

CWB W47.1 Fusion Welding of Steel certification was achieved by Seaborn Mfg. Run through the Canadian Standards Association (C.S.A.), this certification involves training and testing of all our welding employees and managers. As well, all of our procedures and equipment is maintained to meet and exceed the CWB standards. You can rest assured that everything we produce will be the highest quality.


To achieve and maintain your CWB 47.1 designation you need your procedures reviewed and approved. Depending on the specific welding circumstance the procedure can involve several different tests. No facility is certified for every possible weld procedure but once registered procedure maybe developed and added as required.

Qualification of Personal

To be CWB 47.1 certfied you most employ an a credited welding supervisor. This individual needs to write and pass multiple tests. Than they are required to take an in house examination developed by CWB specifically for each supervisor to look for any possible gaps in their welding knowledge. 

Each welder working to CWB 47.1 must be certified for the “welding procedures” they are allowed to perform. This occurs by welding approved coupons / test plates under the supervision of a CWB representative. These weld tests are stamped with the auditor’s mark, logged and sent off for testing by a certified test facility. Multiple destructive tests are performed on each weld sample submitted for inspection by sectioning the sample.   

The Job

On a regular basis we weld steel ranging from light gauge metal to 1″ thick, from hand held pieces to products weighing over a tonne. For quality steel welding, you can trust Seaborn becasue we will do it right.
If you need more than welding check out our other services such as CNC machining, powder coat, brake press, and so much more.
We are proudly CWB 47.1 and CWB W47.2 certified.


Steel Fabrication encompasses a broad range of services welding, forming sheet metal via brake press, laser cutting, punching steel, rolling steel and much, much more. We provide fabricated steel parts using one or all of the aforementioned processes. There is a wide range in what is required from fabricated steel considerations need to be given to, precision, structural strength, appearance, function, and cost. We always try to insure we provide our clients with the right mix and level for each of these areas to meet or exceed their requirements.

Precision Fabrication Parts

Precison fabrication typically starts with parts requiring a tolerance of +/- 0.25mm /0.010″. While very large frames can well be considered precision at much higher numbers for the typical industrial project, this is a significant dividing line for “fabrication,” and under this, becomes a consideration for machining as part of the process.

Precision fabricated parts may require tighter tolerance on an individual face, from location to location, without adding much, if any, cost. But when GDT tolerances enter the picture, costs start to climb quickly.

Such features as press fit bearing fall under precision fabrication and require tolerance that are down in the micron / tenths of a thou. Seaborn takes pride in delivery high quality precision fabricated parts every working day. 


Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal, with its many gauges and properties, is ideal for so many applications, such as enclosures, covers, instrument panels, backer plates… the list just goes on and on. Seaborn has fabricated over 2400 different sheet metal parts in quantities from 1 to over 50,000. We stock a wide variety of steel gauges so that they are ready when our clients need them, and also to make sure we are buying at the right prices. Seaborn currently stocks 22ga, 18ga, 16ga, 14ga, 12ga, 11ga, 10ga, 7ga and 1/4″.

Seaborn produces a wide variety of sheet metal parts and steel components from sheet metal. From the common bracket to complex weldments, steel offers endless possibilities.

Steel sheet metal is easy to work and ideal for producing everything from the simple part to complex shapes. It’s incredible to watch flat sheet steel take shape to become a product! Contact us today.

Fabrication Sheet Metal, Seaborn Manufacturing, Waterloo Ontario

Stainless Steel Welding and Fabrication

Stainless steel welding and fabrication is part of Seaborn’s comprehensive group of stainless steel fabrication services – from stainless brackets & boxes to frames and complex weldments. We have fabricated stainless steel tanks, hoppers, prep tables, test rigs, lab equipment and so much more. Stainless fabrication is not our primary area of work but is certainly one of our strengths.

Seaborn has the proper decimated welding equipment to insure your stainless project comes out as expected. We also have experience with machining stainless for challenging applications.

Stainless provides its own unique challenges but provides a durable and lasting product which is ideal for many applications.

There are many considerations when choosing your stainless grade. For example, the 300 series stainless (ie 303, 304 and 316) are most common, and thus, cost effective.

You can depend on our dedication to quality!

Steel Fabricated Enclosures

Fabricated steel enclosures are a common place at Seaborn Manufacturing. Our skilled tradesmen take pride in seeing your designs take shape. From laser cutting the sheet metal to forming and welding it into its final shape.

We have a wide range of services to ensure the best enclosure for your needs. Welded steel enclosures both with PEM inserts weld nuts and stand offs as required. Silk screening, laser engraving, and in house powder coating are all available to suit your project. Your parts can also be sent for zinc plate or galvanizing. Let us make your next custom enclosure for you.

Seaborn’s talented tradespeople have created everything from enclosures smaller than an egg to bigger than a car. Whether it is for custom electronics, instrumentation, equipment, or gear storage we will get it made right for you.

All the equipment to cut sheet metal (laser or punch) and form the cabinet and its lid is all right here at Seaborn. Any inserts you require such as PEM, threaded stand offs, weld nuts, dividers and shelves, and even the door hardware to keep it secure can be taken care of. We ensure every single detail is just right. Our highly skilled workers have an average of over 15 years in the industry.

Allow us to make the custom enclosure you need and deserve. Knowing we are dedicated to quality.

Fabricated Weldments

From simple fabricated weldments to precision machined weldments, Seaborn provides quality from start to finish. We regularly produce weldments for heavy equipment, material handling applications, robotics, and resource exploration.

Seaborn commonly works in aluminum and mild steel and produces weldment from light gauge to 1″ thick frequently. Our weldments range from items that fit in the palm of your hand to units weighing 1-2 tonnes. Should you require precision machined weldments with powder coat, we have you covered.

We also offer brake press, CNC machining, powder coating, roll formed sheet & tube and tube bending. We combine all of these different procedures to provide you with quality weldments made to your specifications.

Stainless weldments are not uncommon at Seaborn, with a stainless project coming through our facility’s doors every month. In stainless weldments, we tend to stay to gauge metal projects. With some stainless CNC machined components produced, bar or plate.

We are CWB W47.1 and W47.2 certified, so you can depend on our dedication to quality!

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