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Durable and Environmentally Friendly Powder Coating by Seaborn Manufacturing

Powder Coating is today’s answer for a durable and environmentally friendly coating. At Seaborn Manufacturing, we offer a large variety of colours, textures and finishes to provide the look and feel you desire.

There are several benefits powder coating can provide, such as:

Our colours and finishes come in:

Whether you need 1000 production parts or five custom motorcycle parts powder coated, we are able to help with any size of order.

Small run colours available, contact us for details.

With a selection of endless colour choices, textures, and finishes, Seaborn is ready to take on all of your powder coating requirements.

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Custom Powder Coating

Here are several benefits that powder coating can provide, such as:

  • The ability to withstand high temperatures
  • Graffiti resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Rustproofing for up to 50 years outdoors
  • Traction
  • VOC Free

If you’re looking for these benefits but think the finish you’re going for isn’t available, think again. Seaborn has over 200 powder colors in stock. If we don’t have your exact color, thousands more than can be ordered to fit your design. We have colors and finishes in clear coats, matte to high-mirror finishes, hammer tone, sandtex, pebbled, and many more.

In order to make the powder coat stick, the product must first be sandblasted. This removes any old finishes, or dirt on the product. It also etches the surface for a better stick. Next the powder is charged while the part is attached to a ground wire. This keeps the powder on the metal until it’s been baked. Baking causes the powder to melt and form a protective sheet that covers the part.

We are happy to do a custom powder coat job on any product we make for you. Whatever look you envision for the products finish, we can powder coat on for you. Different colors can be used on one part. A section is masked off while the first color is applied. The mask is then applied over the powder coated area while the second color is applied. This technique offers a wide variety of designs that can be done on your part. This also means we can powder coat most of your part and leave a bare section. Whatever color scheme you envision for your product, we can make it happen. Ask us today about our endless powder coat options to find out which one is the best fit for your product. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Powder Coat Textures and Finishes

Powder coat textures and finishes are very broad. There are finishes which simulate traditionally hammered finishes. Other powder coats are smooth and even friction-reducing. A common powder coat finish simulates the feel of beach sand in varying grits, from fine to coarse.

Your powder finish of choice may offer a dimpled finish or color veins of a different color and height. The finish in powder coat varies from matte to high gloss.

Seaborn has over 200 powder colors in stock, with thousands more available and ready to be brought in for your needs. Powder coat finishes can also be enhanced with bacteria resistant properties or even a graffiti resistant clear coat.

Powder coat offers weather resistance, chemical resistance. Some ceramic powder coats can with stand temperature up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit

Powder coat is a trusted finish for millions of parts around the world.

Powder Coat Textures and Finishes Waterloo Ontario

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