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SEABORN Manufacturing is a Full Service Machine Shop in Waterloo Ontario Machining parts for the world

We have extensive Machine Shop experience in our facility. We provide contract turning and machine working in many materials such as; aluminum, brass, carbon steel, copper, plastic (such as Delrin / Acetal, UHMW, Nylon and Teflon), and stainless steel. Put Seaborn’s machining and turning centers to work for you. With in house CMM inspection so you may rest assured. 

From one off prototypes to small run production our highly skilled tradesmen and quality CNC equipment are your assurance of quality. We typically work in batch lots of 10 to 250, but frequently run production lots of 500 to 2,000 parts. We will ensure your parts are machined to specification and ready on time. Our success is driven by the success of our clients.

We offer:

Aluminum Machining

CNC Machining

CMM Inspection Services

Machined Carbon Steel

Machined Stainless Steel

Precision Machining

Non-Ferrous Metals, Plastics & Polymers

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Seaborn Manufacturing runs a full service machine shop supplying some of the world’s largest corporations, but finding our niche with smaller corporations. We service dozens of small tech firms and inventors.

We routinely provide precision machined parts to a broad range of industries including , health sciences, power generation, medical research, natural resources, robotics, and research facilities.

Seaborn Manufacturing can provide full material tracking and data reports when required. Inspection reports and in process tracking reports are not uncommon requests we fullfil. It is our job to ensure you get what you need and we can prove it.

At Seaborn Manufacturing we know it is our job to earn your work. We do this by establishing open dialogue right form the initial contact. We all have to be playing on the same page and heading in the same direction. We choose our clients as carefully as our clients choose us. Give us the opportunity to earn your business.

Assorted Machine Shop Parts
Machined Aluminum Weldment
CNC Turned Pins
Production Machined Parts
Machined Aluminum
Waterloo CNC Machining by SEABORN Manufacturing
CNC Milled Carbon Steel
Machine Shop Casting Work
CNC Machined & Anodized
Aluminum Tube Bending Waterloo Ontario - aluminum chromate
CNC Machined Mount
Seaborn Manufacturing Waterloo Ontario
Precision Machining

Aluminum Machining

Seaborn provides full service machine shop services for all your CNC aluminum machining needs. Our skilled machinists and programmers will insure your aluminum machining needs are taken care of in a professional and tradesman like manor. While much faster to machine typically than steel aluminum has several issues that require the experience and dedication of a tradesman to foresee. It takes years of commitment  to be a skilled machinist. 

Machined aluminum parts are generally used to reduce product weight and for some application to even reduce overall cast by taking advantage of the generally faster aluminum machining speeds. Aluminum does not have the impact or wear resistance of steel alloys but does provide superior conductivity. It best know for weight saving but offer a very high rate of heat transfer which come into play frequently for electronic and other technical applications. It is corrosion resistant in many circumstance but frequently benefits from being protect with anodizing, chromating, alodine, or powder coat.  Powder Coating pretreat for aluminum is a little different than steel and for maximum adherence in extreme situations pretreat is recommended for all machined aluminum parts. 

We can provide full CMM Inspection Services for all the aluminum machining services we provide. Seaborn is committed to serving all your machine aluminum needs. With our in house Aluminum Welding and machining services we will deliver on your aluminum machining needs.

We have machined parts for optic assemblies, electronics (enclosures, heat sinks etc), machinery, and health care product all made from various grades of aluminum alloys.

CMM Verification

CMM Verification since quality is the essential corner stone at Seaborn Manufacturing. To ensure this, we are pleased to offer our customers in house CMM Inspections and Material Test Reports. We can pass all your quality requirements and document that we have. We honor all of your specifications, and provide the agreed-upon inspection / verification reports you need.

A machine shop needs both the ability to make a quality part and just as important prove that it is correct. The CMM is just one piece of equipment that assists with proving the parts dimensions. Many components require multiple in process and final inspection procedure performed. The CMM is the best method for testing many GD&T tolerances such as concentric, flatness, parallelism, perpendicularity, roundness etc.

Seaborn is familiar with all aspects of functional and dimensional gauging. You can depend on our commitment to deliver quality!

CNC Machining Services

CNC Machining, the art of material removal or subtractive manufacturing.  Producing parts from stock material such as aluminum bar, UHMW rods, stainless blanks, castings and steel alloys. Seaborn offers complete CNC machining services with our CNC mills and lathes. Producing parts typically 10 to 2,500 parts per lot. Our staff is efficient in both machining prototype parts and short run production. Our machine shop operates a lean manufacturing environment. We offer efficient production solutions to your manufacturing needs.

Modern CNC machinery is well suited to producing tight tolerance frequently with out the need for custom jigs or tooling. Today’s CNC machine is the answer for rapid prototypes made from the “final material” that allow for full functional testing. The same machines go from prototypes to production quickly producing the parts you need.

We regularly produce machined parts with feature to feature GD&T tolerances on different faces of 0.1mm and holding a features tolerance to 0.02mm. Precision CNC machining requires verification and for GD&T nothing compares to a precision CMM Verfication. Inspection is a critical portion of CNC machining. While the CNC machines are accurate and extremely repeatable the entire process need to be proven and verified.

CNC machining is only limited by creativity. CNC machining centers and CNC turning centers offer an unlimited range of possibilities and, with the use CAM software, they offer extremely fast set up. They work well in a broad range of material from common carbon steel and aluminum to  plastics such as acetal / Delrin, uhmw, to stainless steel and exotics.

Seaborn prefers to work to your CAD dwg and or model. Tolerances are critical to determining process and cost. There is no way around the fact that the tighter the tolerances are the higher the part cost. Tolerance determines machining times and number of steps required to produce a part.

Send us your machining requirements with confidence you will get the quality and price you want. We look forward to working with you on your CNC machining requirements. You can depend on our dedication to quality!

Waterloo CNC Machining by SEABORN Manufacturing

Carbon Steel Machined

Carbon steel is any steel where elements besides carbon and iron are present in quantities too small to affect the properties. This versatile steel is one of the most common materials we work with. It is easier to machine than stainless steel and requires less careful planning than aluminum, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t pay close attention to its construction. Carbons steels are less expensive than many other metals and provide the strength and durability suitable to many projects. Consider carbon steel for your next piece of work.

Seaborn’s CNC machines will quickly and accurately mill our carbon steel into your vision. Our experienced employees will make quality weldments for your project, we will powder coat in house, and when it’s all over our CMM will check all the dimensions to ensure our high standards of quality are maintained. See your drawing brought to life in carbon steel. With Seaborn’s 20,000 square foot shop, no project is too big for us.

We regularly work with the 4000 series alloys, like 4140 and 4340, and the 1000s like 1045, 1018, and 1020. Also common are ASTM576, ASTM386, 44W, 50W, and A36. You can depend on our dedication to quality!

Machined Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is resistant to rust, corrosion, and water stains. Stainless steel is more difficult to machine than carbon steel but requires less careful planning than aluminum. Like the more common steels, it is not a great electrical conductor. There are over 150 grades of stainless steel, and no matter which one you need we can work with it.

Because of its resistance to corrosion, stainless steel has a wide variety of uses in almost every industry. It is commonly used in buildings, surgical instruments, and kitchenware. If stainless steel seems like a good fit to your project, our employees will work expertly to fill your needs.

Non-Ferrous Metals, Plastics & Polymers

Seaborn regularly machines a variety of non-ferrous metals and plastics, and polymers.  These include;

Aluminum: 7475 / 7175 / 7075 / 7050 / 6061 / 6063 / 5052 / 5454 / 3003 / Mic-6 and ATP-5
Brass: C230 / C330 / C360 /C464
Stainless: 303 / 304 / 304L / 310 / 316 / 316L / 318 / 409 / 410 / 430 / 440
Plastics & Synthetics Nylon, Delrin / Acetal, UHMW, Acrylic, Teflon, and many more.

Nonferrous metals are rarer and as a result more expensive, but they have many properties that ferrous metals do not. Metals such as aluminum and titanium have a higher strength to density ratio than steel. Copper and silver are often used for their high conductivity and zinc is resistant to corrosion. Silver is also known for its reflectivity and malleability.

Polymers like nylon and acetal have good fatigue resistance. Plastics are light and very easily moulded with an excellent finish. Whatever material your project requires, there is a better than good chance we have worked with it before. 

Precision Machiing

No matter what material you use, Seaborn has the equipment needed to machine your finished product to your specifications. From CNC milling to powder coating, let us make sure your product is exactly how you wanted it. Seaborn does not cut corners with our clients’ projects and we pride ourselves on our customers’ satisfaction.

Seaborn can take all kinds of projects that require fabrication, CNC machining, welding and powder coat, and make sure they’re done exactly how you wanted from start to finish. We take on many projects that other manufacturers avoid, because we are confident in our ability to deliver quality manufacturing. We have the equipment and skilled tradesmen to make your drawings a perfectly executed reality, and we don’t shy away from a challenge.

Seaborn’s skilled employees have an average of over 15 years of experience. We have completed projects for the health care, technology, and furniture industries and everything in between. We have the knowledge to make sure every detail of your product comes out perfectly. Put our experience to work for you.

Seaborn works closely with our clients to ensure their needs are met. We pay attention to every detail of your drawings and stay true to your design. Quality is our number one priority at Seaborn, and we want all your projects to be a success. Our team is committed to providing accurate machining to fit your needs.

After your product has gone through our shop, we can verify that it was done to perfection using our Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). This machine can measure every dimension of your product, accurate to a thousandth of an inch. If your product isn’t precisely right, we make it right. Our clients are loyal to us because of our dedication to precision. We love to see a job done right. We proudly ensure the quality of your projects.

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