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Tube Laser Cutting

Tube Laser Cutting Service

Laser tube cutting from Seaborn Manufacturing provides the parts you have come to expect from dedicated precision lasers for tube. Our tube laser can easily cut round tube up to 9” in diameter and square tube up to 6”. Choosing precision laser cut tube parts for your job will pay back quickly in improved assembly times and quality. Our tube laser can have your tubes ready to go for a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing techniques on the majority of jobs.

Our clients have seen savings exceeding 25% off their fabrication time with tube laser cut parts. We regularly laser cut HSS, HRP&O, DOM, seamless and CREW tube. Additionally, we have the capacity to laser cut angle iron and laser cut I-Beams.

Complex shapes can be cut easily, with no dedicated tooling, by using a tube laser. See what a difference going from saw cut to 0.003” makes! See a world where a 24” tube is 24” exactly! Laser coped tube will fit like a glove. It is rare that any deburring is needed when using a tube laser, but should your project require it we do provide that service.

Why use a tube laser service? We have buying power and processing speed to bring your tube parts in at cost lower than they can made in house at your facility. Imagine having no scrap part issues because a saw set wrong or there are chips between the material and stop. Imagine no missed operations on long tube or errors in rotating the tube on complex parts. There is no need to invest $1.5 million in a tube laser and loose 20m x 20m of plant floor space. We have the parts you need, the way you need them, when you need them. Seaborn Manufacturing is the best choice for a tube laser cutting service.

Utilizing tube laser cutting is like going from a horse and buggy to a pickup. We can provide you with all the accuracy and benefits of laser cut tube, with outstanding customer service.

We can cut everything from a length of tube to bundles. With our 8m / 26ft bundle feeder, we can supply you with all your tube cut production needs.

How much faster will your assembly be when every part is identical and correct? Welder fabricators, even labourers, are expensive in todays labour market. Tube laser cut parts are your team’s solution to do more, for less cost. Struggling to get staff? Let us help reduce how much staff you need, and allow the staff you have to make you more money with the improved efficiency of perfectly cut tubes.

Our specialty is cutting thinner material ¼” thick and less, however can cut up to ½” thick mild steel, ¼” thick stainless and 3/16” thick aluminum. The bulk of our work currently is carbon steel and chrome moly.

Tube laser works best using iges files, but we also have solid works and can translate many file formats. The CAD file / 3D model should have radius on square tubes unlessTube laser works best using iges files, but we also have solid works and can translate many file formats. The CAD file / 3D model should have radius on square tubes unless the tube will be square, which happens with aluminum. To ensure the highest quality work and greatest efficiency, the holes and features should be drawn to a central tolerance (ie if you hole size is 0.250” +0.01/-0 the file sent to us should have 0.255 holes).

The tube laser will by default cut the outside line of a tube. This can be quickly changed so it cut the inside line or “regular to the plain”.

We often use the tube laser to cut locators into the tubes, such as interlocking notches, or even dovetails and jigsaw type alignment features. If you want to see production increase, remove all the need to measure! Let us help you to leave nothing but the most basic alignments to be done.

The quality of our laser cut edges we believe to be second to none. Our highly skilled laser programmers and CNC laser operators ensure you get the very best part quality.

We offer the following additional services to complement our tube laser cutting service: CNC tube bending, end forming, conventional sheet laser & brake work.

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